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Privacy Policy

Administration of the nethouse.ru website is obliged to maintain your privacy on the Internet. We pay great attention to securing the data that you have provided to us. Our privacy policy is based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. We collect your personal data for such purposes as: improvement of our service, communication with visitors of this site, newsletters, presenting the information requested by the user and for other actions listed below.
There is the data protection center created to protect data users at the nethouse.ru website. All the necessary information about users data management is located in a special section of our website. Nethouse Privacy Center for GDPR https://nethouse.ru/about/instructions/centr_konfidencialnosti

Personal data storage and processing
We collect and process your personal data only with your willing consent. We can collect and process with your permission such data as: name, surname, e-mail address. Collection and processing of your personal information is carried out in accordance with the laws of the European Union and Russia.
Data storage, alteration, and removal
The user who has provided their personal data to nethouse.ru has the right for the alteration and removal of such data, as well as the right to recall the agreement to data processing. Your personal data will be stored for the period of 60 months. At the expiry of this period the website administration will permanently delete it. On all matters concerning your personal data provided to us please contact the administration: https://nethouse.ru/contacts
We will be able to pass your data to a third party only with your willing consent. If the data was transferred to a third party which is not associated with our organization we cannot perform any changes to that data.

Processing of visiting technical data
Records of your IP address, time of visit, browser settings, operational system and other technical information are saved in the database when you visit nethouse.ru. This data is necessary for the correct display of the website content. Identification of the person using this data is impossible.

Children’s personal information
If you are a parent or a legal representative of an underage child and you know that the child has provided their personal information to us without your consent please contact us: https://nethouse.ru/contacts. Providing personal data of underage users without the agreement of parents or legal representatives is strictly prohibited.

Cookies processing
We use cookie files for the correct display of the website’s content and for the convenience of browsing nethouse.ru. They are small files that are stored on your device. They help the website to remember information about you, e.g. what language you use at the website and which pages you have already opened. This information will be useful during your next visit to the website. Thanks to cookie files the website’s browsing becomes more convenient. You can make the necessary settings (to use cookies or to block them) in your browser. Your decision to block cookie files can reduce the number of the available website functions.
Processing of personal data by other services
This website uses third-party online services that perform data collecting that is independent from us, for example Facebook.com.
All the data collected by such services may be provided to other services within those organizations. They can use the data for advertising personalization of their own advertising network. You can check user agreements of those organizations at their websites. You can also refuse their collection of your personal data. We do not pass any personal data to other organizations or services which are not listed in this privacy policy. As an exception, the collected data may be provided on a lawful request of state authorities that are authorized to request such information.

Links to other websites
Our website nethouse.ru may contain links to other websites, which are not under our control. We are not responsible for the content of these websites. We recommend you to learn more about the privacy policy of every website that you visit if such policy exists.

Changes in the privacy policy
From time to time we may update our privacy policy. We inform our users about any changes in our privacy policy placed on this webpage. We are monitoring any changes in legislation which are related to personal data in European Union and Russia. If you provided any of your personal data to us we will surely inform you about all the changes in our privacy policy. If your personal data, especially your contact information, was entered incorrectly we will not be able to contact you.

Feedback and final clauses
You can contact the administration of nethouse.ru on any matters related to privacy policy via the contacts at the page https://nethouse.ru/contacts or by filling a contact form in a corresponding section of this website. If you do not agree with this privacy policy you cannot use the services of nethouse.ru. In this case you should avoid visiting our website.

User Data Privacy Policy
    1. Nethouse User Agreement for the Use of Services and User Data https://nethouse.ru/agreement
    2. Nethouse Privacy Center for GDPR https://nethouse.ru/about/instructions/centr_konfidencialnosti
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